5 Big Reasons to Build a Custom Home

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Build a Custom Home that is a Reflection of You

You want a customized home that you can dream and plan into a reality, a home that reflects you. We’ve brought together a team of exceptional builders and designers who know how to bring your custom home from a plan to actuality.  But what are some of the reasons to build a custom home?

Just as each custom home is unique, we each have our own reasons for building a custom home but these are a few of the biggest ones we’ve found.

A Lasting Legacy.

Whether it’s a growing family that motivates your home detail choices, or a growing career or social calendar, we can help you with the amount of room and the features that you need. Your forever home should reflect you not just now, but ongoing into the future. Let’s build you a foundation for your family that has the ability to adjust around you. It’s a beautiful, expressive extension of your family, not vice versa.

Home, Where You Want It.

Have a neighborhood that is the perfect location for your family? Whether it has access to great schools or a better, shorter commute time, building a custom home with Scott Donogh Homes allows you to choose your location. That’s not usually the case with existing pre-owned homes or even new spec homes that are built on a specific pre-set location. We can look at any site that you might have in mind or help you find one, and then evaluate it for you. Even down to specific details like “Where will the afternoon sun hit?”. A customized home with a “by you” location means complete freedom to choose.

Expresses Your Tastes.

Building a custom home allows you to create a perfect floor plan, use great quality materials and decorate in a manner that speaks to your tastes. Trends come and go and with an existing home, you might just inherit a layout or look that you just really don’t want, maybe one that you end up having to fix. By building a fresh, new customized home you’ll know that it truly belongs to just you.

Complements Your Lifestyle.

Are you the king of the barbeque pit? Do you dream of your own private yoga studio? When we build your very own customized home, all of these details that make your home part of your life will be there. A custom home truly will provide the means and the space for your family to live out the goals that make them, well, them.

A Sound Investment.

Sometimes buyers think that purchasing a custom home is going to be too costly, but those fears have been laid to rest by the many people who have built a home with Scott Donogh Homes. Many times existing homes will have hidden problems that can be very costly to fix or bring to code, not to mention the general wear and tear of life. Building through the customized process will ensure that your new and beautiful forever home is built structurally sound with great quality materials selected by you. It will also mean that your home is made with the best of energy efficiency, ensuring both your savings and your family’s comfort.

Did you think of a few other reasons that you want to build a custom home?  Please leave us a comment and tell us why you want to build custom.  Interested in building a custom home with us? Contact us today for a free consultation.


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